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Flowerfeldt® and the corona outbreak

The news about the coronavirus worries some people across the world. Via the Q&A below, we will help you understand the impact this has on Flowerfeldt® and her customers.

1. I want to place an order at Flowerfeldt®. Will my order be processed?
Yes, orders will be processed according to the communicated delivery times. You can find these delivery times on the product pages (right side of the product photos).

2. Can I become infected with Corona via a Flowerfeldt® shipping box or a Flowerfeldt® employee?
No, according to the RIVM (The Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment): "Coronaviruses spread exclusively through humans and animals. They cannot survive well outside the body. Certainly not on cardboard, packaging material or product items." Physical contact via stores is risky the coming days and weeks.

3. I want to place an order abroad? What do I have to take into account?
The Corona outbreak also has effect on (international) transport. Flowerfeldt® works exclusively with European manufacturers. This allows us to guarantee our high quality standards. The outbreak in China has hardly any negative side effects on our business operations or stocks.

In some cases, packages and pallets outside Europe may arrive some days later. Together with our shipping partners, we closely monitor our orders to minimize potential delays.

An exception applies to the following countries:
- Italy
- Spain 
- France

Parcels or pallets to these countries will be temporarily stored. 

4. Can I continue to place my order(s)?
Yes, no problem at all. You can always contact Flowerfeldt® during this difficult period. The health, safety and welfare of our customers and employees is always paramount. Currently, we see no obstacles or necessity to temporarily suspend our business activities.

5. Some web stores are raising their prices due to the Corona outbreak. Does this also apply to Flowerfeldt®?
We always work on the basis of recommended retail prices - communicated by our brands. Because we can continue to supply our products adequately, we do not feel compelled to increase our prices. 

6. What has Flowerfeldt® arranged internally against Corona?
At Flowerfeldt®, we have suspended all domestic and international business trips to further notice. This includes meetings, international fairs and (physical) visits. Where possible, we temporarily replace customer visits (such as interior projects) by telephone intakes. 

7. I have an additional question!
Do you have an additional question or comment? Call or email us. We can be reached at +31 (0) 183 850 264. You can mail to [email protected] 

Finally, we wish you - in these uncertain period - a lot of strength, a lot of love and God's blessing on you, your family and loved ones. 

On behalf of the Flowerfeldt® team,  

Patrick Eijbersen
Managing Director Flowerfeldt®

Last update: 29 April 2020


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